If you’ve looked around our website and read a few customer comments, you already know that Tile Ram provides superior service at reasonable rates. If you haven’t yet called us, it may be because you’re wondering exactly how much we cost and whether we really are too good to be true.

Obviously since every project is different we can’t quote yours without gathering a bit of information from you first, but to help you decide to pick up your phone and call us, here are a few considerations to consider when calling around and choosing which experts you want tearing out your old flooring:

  1. True professionals can be trusted to get the job done well (even if others leave a significant amount of dust behind). You’ll find our rates very competitive with theirs. When you take into account cleaning costs and tile-dust headaches, you’ll find Tile Ram is well worth our comparable fee!
  2. Remember that not everyone who is willing to rip out your old tile is a professional. Some contractors promise to charge only a few dollars per square foot, but remember to take into account the damage they may do to your subfloor in the process and, again, the dust they will leave in their wake.
  3. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may think you can get the job done for free, when in fact, you may need to rent equipment, and it may take a lot longer than you expected. If you begin and then find this to be true, it’s never too late to let Tile Ram finish the job for you!

To completely put your mind at ease, give us a call and get a free quote! We’re friendly and easy to talk to and you’ll be happy you checked us out.

1-844-266-3878 (1-844-2NO-DUST)

We look forward to speaking with you!