Tile Removal Service

Why do you need Tile Ram? Because it’s time to replace your flooring, and you’d rather not fill your home or building with all the dust typically created by such a task.

Tile is held together with grout, and cemented to the floor with thinset. To remove the tile and prepare the surface for its new look, all this mortar must be sawed, hammered and chipped away, which reduces a significant portion of it to coarse dust.

Without Tile Ram’s DustRam ® dust-free technology, this dust circulates throughout your building, coating surfaces and settling into cracks and crevices. Removing this dust after the fact requires expensive cleaning services or continues to cause problems wherever it settles, including furniture, carpet, clothing, electronics, and heating and cooling ducts.

The tile-removal experts at Tile Ram contain this dust while removing your ceramic tile or other flooring, thus eliminating such problems and saving you time, money, and effort.

They also carefully accomplish each task professionally with no damage to the floor base, removing all thinset, staples, glue, and other obstructions, leaving a finished surface ready for whatever you wish to install next.

Why would you trust anyone else to remove your tile? Tile Ram’s experienced craftsmen and technologically advanced DustRam ® and other proprietary instruments do a superior job with benefits that the “other guys” can’t match, all at a price you can’t resist!

Contact Tile Ram now to discuss your project. You’ll be happy you did!trabout