Another Happy Customer says…

Here’s an unsolicited message left by yet another happy TileRam customer whose kitchen tile we removed. This is the type of enthusiastic customer satisfaction we seek to earn EVERY TIME!

“Yeah, um, Tile Ram, I just had my kitchen – all the tiles taken out, Ross K. over in Draper, and the only thing I’ve got to say about you guys is that the rest of the world is missing out not knowing that you’re out there to do this and not cause a mess and leave it pristine! All I can say is, anybody that I hear that’s taking tile out, if they won’t sit down and talk to me for a minute, they’re missing out. So thank you again. Ross K., Draper. Have a good day.”

Thanks for the plug, Ross! We’re glad you’re so pleased with our work. πŸ™‚

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