University Mall Tile Removal Project

TileRam won the bid to remove tile for the University Mall during its major renovation. The contractors appreciate the fact that we can remove tile and thinset after hours and conscientiously go the extra mile – as always – to guarantee that what used to be an extremely messy process now proceeds without any of that unpleasant, unhealthy dust affecting nearby shops and stores.

We quickly removed a few thousand square feet of tile, then took a break to give tile installers a chance to catch up. We’ll get back at it soon and continue improving the mall literally from the floor up!

Stay tuned and we’ll add some photos to show off our outstanding work.

We’re excited to play an integral part in the new University Place being developed over the next few years to make the Orem/Provo area an even more pleasant place to live, work, and shop!

When you’re ready to replace your flooring – whether in your home, business, or if you happen to own your own shopping mall or school – depend on Utah’s dust-free tile removal solution! Contact TileRam any time to find out how we can help you breathe easy about the entire project!

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