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At Salt Lake City’s Tile Ram, we highly encourage working with those with a can do attitude. However, oftentimes homeowners run into problems and get stuck. Two common problems with carpet removal are the disposal of the material, and adhesive removal. The volume of the carpet quickly adds up. Our cost includes the necessary disposal of the carpet, pad, and tack-strips which will take up space in your home or garage for days until a solution is found. Whenever carpet is installed over concrete, glue is commonly involved. Depending on how much glue was used, it’s impossible to remove without the right equipment. We are happy to help with your upcoming project & Salt Lake City carpet removal.

We Are Equipped to Handle Most Carpet Removal Needs and Situations.


When removing a carpet, you may be releasing spores and allergens in the surrounding environment, including into the air.

Carpet Pad

When hiring someone to replace the carpet pad for installing new flooring, removing old carpet pad and preparing the subfloor can save money.

Shag Carpet

Removing older carpet can cause the nasty particles in your carpet to become airborne, ultimately lowering the air quality in your home.


Carpet adhesive is stubborn and difficult to remove. Leaving the glue on the floor is not a good option because it can collect grime.

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“They were amazing! Very efficient and cleanly demo. They were great workers, very polite and careful not to break anything not being demoed.”

Denise A.

“The crew was friendly and worked hard all day. They left the demo site clean and ready for the floor installation the next day.”

Terrie H.

"Seamless process from start to finish. Very professional and friendly team who did a fantastic and clean job removing fussy tile!"

Mary G.

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